CSAG members are engaged in learning about and expanding on an age-old straw art tradition that has roots throughout the world.

Heron by Tatyana Bychkov
Best of Division
2019 CA State Fair
by Tatyana Bychkov

The California Straw Arts Guild was established in 1989 as the California Wheat Weavers Guild, a non-profit association in California. The name was changed to California Straw Arts Guild (CSAG) in 2009 to reflect that members create their pieces with more than just wheat.  Members also use rye, flax, oats, and rice straw, as well as other natural objects such as shells and feathers, in their pieces.

The Guild was created

  • To preserve the folk art tradition and history of corn dollies, wheat plaiting, or "wheat weaving" as it is commonly called in the United States
  • To teach and share the techniques of all the varied straw craft art forms
  • To promote all straw art traditions regardless of country of origin

Our members have a full range of skill levels, from beginner to talented straw artists. Straw is the most versatile and beautiful material in the world. Anyone interested in straw art is welcome to join us and discover the joy of weaving. Come learn with us!

Green Heart with Rose by Christine Swanson.
Green Heart with Rose
by Christine Swanson